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The Magic of Journaling

Do you ever write down your thoughts and feelings on a journaling book? Perhaps a gratitude list at the end of the day? I usually give every client a journal for them to keep; and their feedback is the same as my own: Now that I'm making time for this, I can better see and understand "my patterns." For instance, making a gratitude list at the end of the day helps us put things into perspective; and pay attention to how fortunate we are (especially when we notice the little things). Also writing down thoughts and feelings about a certain situation helps us gain deeper clarity; and organize our mind and emotions. I like to keep mine by my night stand; and it comes in handy when the mind accelerates with ideas and thoughts right as I'm about to go to sleep. So I write them down; and it gives me a sense of closure to my day. This is a great idea to encourage kids and teens to practice as well... to start at a young age to become aware of their emotions... their thoughts. I have written a few of these over the years; and reading them has served as a source of guidance. It's important that we invest in ourselves... After all, our goals and plans won't matter unless we are well enough to experience them.

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